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Brook Turf Kikuyu Grass and Santa Anna Grass in Adelaide

Adelaide instant lawn specialist - Brook Turf produce only drought tolerant turf grasses, which are highly suited to all requirements for South Australia.


kikuyu grass

  • Very fine leaf  santa anna grass (very deep green in colour)
  • Water usage very low once established
  • Mowing every 1 - 2 weeks in summer, every 2 - 3 weeks in autumn and as required in winter
  • Fertiliser recommended in October and May better winder colour retention if fertilised in late autumn
  • Santa anna grass will withstand high traffic areas
  • Self repairs
  • Full sun
  • Quick to establish
  • Grows in most soil types


  • Once established a harsh mow mid spring to remove thatch and to encourage new growth.
  • Weeds controlled by weed and feed.
  • Once established water as required.


kikuyu grassBrook Turf  lawns grow Dwarf Kikuyu grass, a turf perfectly suited to the South Australian climate.

It can handle our hot summer’s and mild winter’s all while being extremely soft under foot, with a beautiful green colour and using less water.

Our kikuyu grass turf has the ability to repair itself if damaged and is ideal for high traffic areas or those with kids or dogs.

Fertilizer starter pack

grass & lawn fertilizer adelaideBrook Turf recommends our starter pack fertilizer to be used when laying your new turf to give your lawn the best possible start.

Brook Turf recommends a harsh mow in early October to reduce thatch and give you the best lawn throughout summer with minimal watering once established.

Fertilize in late autumn to improve colour through the lawn’s dormant period in winter.

Prorail Garden Edging systems

instant lawn supplier AdelaideProrail garden edge is an exciting new product that goes beyond your average garden edging.

This versatile system suits a large range of landscape, construction and civil projects. Made from recycled materials this attractive, effective product is light and easy to work with. for more information on this product, visit the website

grass water friendly

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BROOK TURF uses only reclaimed water in the production of their turf.

prorail garden edge

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