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Instant grass laying & installation tips for your lawn

lawn delivery kikuyu - grown localTo ensure the turf  lawns quality is maintained after delivery, the lawn needs to be laid as soon as possible, preferably on the day of delivery. The quicker the turf is laid, the better the result. The first watering should be carried out immediately after laying and should be soaked with irrigation until soggy underfoot, then kept moist for 10 days after with watering morning and night.

Turf lawns should be laid on a quality sandy loam with all previous weeds and grasses completely removed. (be aware that roundup only controls grasses and weeds that are visible). Although your soil may seem free of foreign seed there is a possibility seed can germinate after your new turf has been laid.

Brook Turf lawn starter and general fertilizer should be used to maximise turf colour and overall health.

Lawn maintenance tips for healthy turf

turf suppliers south australia Very hot temperatures, can harm fresh cut turf, although it may slightly brown, it will come back with a good water.

We suggest mowing at not longer than 7 days from laying and continue mowing at regular intervals during spring and summer. As the cooler months come around kikuyu will slow in growth.

A good fertilising at least twice a year (usually done in May and October) coupled with regular watering and mowing will ensure a healthy vibrant lawn.

All warm season or running grasses develop thatch, to prevent build up of thatch give turf a server mowing in October (only if turf has been established for more than a year) Scarifying every two to three years can make for a healthier and better looking lawn. This is best carried out in November or December.

Brook Turf lawns starter and general fertilizer should be used to maximise turf colour and overall health.

Recommendations made in this maintenance schedule are a guide only.

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